Beautiful shrink packaging TORNADO®


Sleeve applicator, SPIRAL

Sleeve applicatorSPIRAL

Handles a variety of containers, and enables easy height adjustment of partial-body shrink sleeves . Easy set-up and parts replacement.

TORNADO, a shrink machine  that relies on the blowing of hot air

Shrink machineTORNADO®

A shrink machine that blows hot air from 4 directions makes tornado effect (patented). A large share in the market proves the performance.

Special-L FIT

Overall packaging machineSpecial-L FIT

L-shaped packaging machine, FIT will achieve fine finish and space-saving combining with TORNADO.


MOVIESOne-minute movies will explain everything.

Beautiful finish on unique-shaped containers.

TORNADO® is highly effective for use on unique shaped containers and products on which steam cannot be used. That is why it has a large market share with a proven high performance installed) over 700 companies. And the TORNADO has experience in various fields, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, electronics, and others.

Cutting costs and improving work efficiency

The use of a hot air circulating mechanism cuts electricity consumption around two-thirds of conventional methods (pdf file of measured results). Easy set up changes, lowered rate of defects, eliminates double treatment, and eliminates the needs for drier, reducing costs for labor and materials. It also contributes thinner containers and films.

Easy operation

Starting operating only requires pressing the button. Starting up, you only have to adjust 3 main parts, 1)the temperature 2)the airflow and 3) the opening and closing shutter.


  • shrink Sample
  • shrink Sample
  • shrink Sample
  • shrink Sample
  • shrink Sample

We will prepare samples for free.
Send us your containers! We will do sample trails with TORNADO for free.

Services for preparing samples for free.
packaging service
Packaging services

We can also offer you shrink packaged containers by using TORNADO. And it will cut the initial cost. No worries of initial cost or making a room for installation.Based on the Quality Management System, we have a dedicated clean room.

maintenance service
Maintenance support

We will follow up, from repairs to damage prevention, after installation of our products, and ensuring its sustainability.

syrinkfilm service
Film preparing services

We do everything from choosing shrink films to preparing them, and proposing designs. We have numerous samples of, e.g., preformed shrink films with rounded corners.


TORNADO is now a brand known worldwide of its market share and high performance.

Overseas installation in over 25 countries!

Countries with trademark registration

The U.S., E.U., China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia


We provide solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

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