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For more attractive packaging.

A shrink machine that relies on the blowing of hot air creating a tornado effect , and boasts a large share of the market with a proven track record.


Beautiful packaging with the TORNADO method (patented)!

The TORNADO® method works by blowing hot air from four directions to create a tornado effect, allowing beautiful, instantaneous shrink packaging from 360 degrees (patented). It results in smooth and uniform packaging, achieving a beautiful finish, equivalent to that of steam shrink packaging.
It can also handle PET, OPS and other eco-friendly films.

It can handle everything from the packaging of different-shaped containers to liquids, dried goods, empty containers, etc.

The hot air circulating mechanism reduces costs!

The hot air circulating mechanism controls the heat and airflow through circulation of the hot air, realizing uniform heat distribution overall, and an even airflow over the product. After the hot air tunnel has warmed up, the circulating mechanism eliminates the need to warm air drawn in from the outside.
Easy set up changes, eliminates double treatment, and eliminates the need for a drier. This reduces costs and is eco-friendly. It also allows shrink packaging of different-shaped containers, and products that are damaged by heat or water.

Striving for reduction in cost and flawless finish
  • 1.Control panel (temperature adjustment)

  • 2.Opening and closing of shutter (shutter adjustment)

  • 3.Control board (airflow adjustment)

Operation of three parts only for making adjustments

The TORNADO®, requires the operation of only three parts; 1) the control panel (temperature adjustment), 2) the opening and closing of the shutter (shutter adjustment), 3) and the control board (airflow adjustment).
Everything is displayed digitally, so the same results can be achieved regardless of who operates the machine. The hand-assist mechanism also enables easy maintenance and cleaning.

Gives you the same finish whoever handles the machine


  TORNADO® Hot air method Steam method
Excellent Excellent Average Excellent
Energy cost Excellent Good Average
Handling of film material Good Average Good
Set-up changes Excellent Average Average
Installation space Good Average Average
After process Good Good Average
Need for boiler No No Yes
*The steam method requires the after process of removing condensed water.


Hot air-type shrink machine, TORNADO 1500TYPE

Standard 1500TYPETORNADO®

Standard hot-air type shrink machine using patented technology.

Hot air-type shrink machine, TORNADO 2500TYPE


Boost its capacity with the use of an additional preheater unit (1,000 mm).

*The photo shows the 2500TYPE


A hybrid type that combines a steam-type with a hot-air type.


TORNADO®1500TYPE: Specifications
Power source and voltage Three phase, 200 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 A (actual current around 53 A max.)
Heater capacity Preheater: 6 kW. Main heater: 9 kW. Total: 15 kW
Air blower capacity Preheater: 400 W (hot air recycling). Main heater: 400 W (hot air recycling). Total: 800 W
Opening and closing mechanism Mechanism assisted by gas spring
Product size Within a height of 280 mm, and a width of 100 mm.
Body material Main body interior: SUS304. Main body exterior: SPCC. Baked finish (2.5Y9/1). Conveyor: SUS304 and SS enamel frame
Machine weight Around 500 kg for the conveyor and main body
Outline drawing
  • Outline drawing
About the TORNADO®2500/3500/4500TYPE

[2500TYPE] Additional preheater unit 1,000 mm, [3500TYPE] Additional preheater unit 1,000 mm x 2, [4500TYPE] Additional preheater unit 1,000 mm x 3

  • [ 2500TYPE ]
    Outline drawing
  • [ 3500TYPE ]
    Outline drawing
  • [ 4500TYPE ]
    Outline drawing


"We want a better finish!" version

"We want to further simplify the packaging process!" version

"We want to further reduce production costs!" version

Do you have a simple shrink packager?


There are three types for overflow shrink packaging, side-flow shrink packaging and cap stickers. These are simple shrink packagers that are inexpensive, lightweight and compact, making them easy to move around.


Packaging services

Packaging services

We can also offer you shrink packaged containers by using TORNADO. And it will cut the initial cost. No worries of initial cost or making a room for installation.

Maintenance services

Maintenance support

We will follow up, from repairs to damage prevention, after installation of our products, and ensuring its sustainability.

Film preparing services

Film preparing services

We do everything from choosing shrink films to preparing them, and proposing designs.


We provide solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

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